About Us

We have been in the building and property industry for over 30 years. From early days we have been passionate about recycling & sustainability. We have over the years recycled and still continue to recycle timber, bricks & sandstone and where possible we will try to give something a new lease on life.

We have discovered that people plant trees or plants and many years of growth are wasted when a simple re-landscaping by a new owner results in these plants being thrown away. From demolitions to renovations or as simple as a backyard clean up, many trees and plants are being removed and dumped.

What we do is take these unwanted trees and plants to our nursery and give them a new lease on life. We offer a service that not only benefits the end consumer with significant cost savings but also reduces our environmental footprint. What started out as a small project in recycling plants and trees has grown to a nursery that offers a wide range of new and recycled plants.

Come visit us today and see our wide selection.

We Truly Care

Our on-site staff offer expert advise on all your plant needs with over 40 years experience in Horticulture, Landscaping & Irrigation.

Our building and property industry experience also gives our team the expertise to give you valuable advise on large projects.